How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

When you have found a house worth paying for, you want to make sure it is worth every penny. Part of that process is getting a home inspection done. This is a good way to check for issues that you did not have time to assess when you saw it yourself.

But in a world where everything is fast, many wonder, “How long will my home inspection take?” Fast internet is awesome. Fast cars are fun. Fast food is useful on the go. But what about home inspections?

The length of time an inspection can take varies depending on a few factors. Many of these clues are gathered by your first interaction with the inspector to schedule your appointment. This is where many of the questions come from when you contact them!

The inspector’s first clue as to how long a home inspection will take is in how many square feet the home is. The larger the home, the more there is to look at!

The next clue the inspector gets in the length of time he or she will be there is in the age of the home. The older homes have a larger span of time in and out of home technologies. This requires more observation on the part of the home inspector, given the larger amount of time the house has had to acquire things like electrical panels, heating and cooling units, appliances, etc.

These along with some questions about additional home spaces, such as attics, crawl spaces, or basements, can help guide the inspector in predicting the amount of time the inspection will take. But the wild card in every inspection that can adjust this estimated time is the types of systems that require inspecting and the overall condition of the home.

While some of these can also be gleaned from your phone call or email, most cannot be known until your inspector is onsite. While the average inspection takes 2 to 2.5 hours, it can definitely vary because each home is different! The important thing is to not rush your home inspector, so that he can take a thorough look at your potential home and provide the best assessment.

We live in a world where many industries win for being the fastest. But in home inspections, Mountaintop Home Inspection Services LLC cares more about efficient and thorough inspections done in a timely fashion for our clients!

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